My Diet and Health The Day Before Quitting Sugar

The day before I actually quit eating sugar (quitting on October 24th, 2011) and adopt a new and healthier lifestyle, I want to review my current health. Later, I’ll be able to contrast what I’m eating and how I’m feeling against this data. I included a short video so you could also see me before I change my diet and compare it with me after I’ve been eating without sugar for a while.

One thing I’ll reluctantly point out is how my shirt fits in the video. I’m about 10 or 15 pounds overweight, which isn’t bad, but I still have a gut. Typically, I can hide my gut pretty well. If I wear a loose-fitting shirt, especially dark ones, and maybe suck it in a little, you never see the extra fat hiding over my abdominal muscles. But in the video, you’re seeing me as I am today…no sucking my gut in or baggy shirt to hide my fat. And the journal entry that follows is also going to be candid as well. I’m putting it all out there, right from the start. With that said, here is my overview:

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