After Quitting Sugar – Two Week Review

After Quitting Sugar – Two Week Review

It’s been two full weeks since I officially gave up sugar. The results, so far, are very encouraging. And I couldn’t be more excited. Before I share my weigh-in results, I’ll give you a play-by-play of how the past two weeks went. Below is a collection of comments I made on the Quitting Sugar Facebook page, which you totally should so be a fan of. I need some friends and support there so let’s circulate. 🙂


Week 1

Day 1: October 24

Well, today was Day 1….first day without sugar. It was easy…but will it get harder? I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Day 3: October 26

I’ve been feeling very sluggish…moving in slow motion. And I had a headache yesterday. I’m not sure if the sluggishness is from sugar withdrawals or lack of sleep. I’ve been getting to bed too late and I’m sure that’s not helping any.

However, I have not been craving sweets, and I’ve found that I’m not as hungry as often.

Overall, things are going well and are on track. 🙂

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Update: Got My Blood Work Done

This morning, I was actually excited to get up and get my day going. I’ve been looking forward to this day all week. I had an appointment to get my blood drawn and have comprehensive tests done to check all the main health indicators which will establish a baseline for my overall current state of health. I requested these tests so I can track the improvements (as measured by blood and urine tests) after I’m sugar free for a while.

When I saw my doctor about going off my cholesterol medicine, I requested a comprehensive blood workup. He was pleased with my plans to quit eating sugar and things that contain much of it. He gave me a lab slip that tells what tests were going to be done and asked that I hand it to the lab technician when I got my blood drawn. I don’t know what all the items on my lab order slip mean, but here’s the list (as far as I am able to read them):

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