A Quick Exercise in Building Conviction for Quitting Sugar

A Quick Exercise in Building Conviction for Quitting Sugar

Recently, I posted a quick exercise for developing conviction on the Quitting Sugar Facebook page. I think having conviction is critical for quitting sugar and staying strong enough to resist temptation. In fact, if your conviction is strong enough, temptations and cravings can be greatly reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Yes, I know it seems unlikely that you can eliminate the feeling of temptation, and you’re probably thinking, “Scott just doesn’t understand! I cannot live without [favorite sugary treat]!” Maybe you’re right. But I was in your shoes once. Read my post, “Me: On The Floor In A Blissful Sugary Fog” and see what I mean. I never even entertained the possibility of giving up sugar until fate handed me a powerful wake-up call that changed my life. If I can do this, you can do this too.

Below is a brief exercise that will only take a few minutes. You may want to record yourself reading the steps and play them back or find a partner and take turns reading it to each other so you can focus completely on getting into the right state of mind.

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