Is Quitting Sugar Enough?

Is Quitting Sugar Enough?

For those of you who have ever attempted to quit eating sugar, you know how difficult it is. But for most people, quitting sugar is terrifying. The mere thought of giving up sugar sends ripples of fear down their spines. Some of you have actually attempted to quit sugar, maybe even several times, but found it far too difficult to resist your urges. Most people would agree…it’s not easy.

I have made a personal commitment to quit sugar, not only for 30 days, but for life. Eating too much sugar will kill you, one way or another…usually slowly and painfully. If you could make one change in the way you eat, there is probably nothing more dramatic (and more challenging) than quitting sugar. So if you made this sacrifice, this change in your lifestyle, I’m sure you would feel incredibly satisfied. And knowing that you are going to be among the healthiest people on the planet is probably something you will value thoroughly.

The Secret That Nobody is Talking About

But, I must caution all of you who are interested in quitting sugar. As good as it will make you feel, there is a downside that I have never heard anyone speak of. I’ve never heard this mentioned in any podcasts, TV programs, or radio broadcasts, nor have I read about this anywhere else, but I have a feeling this downside is something that all sugar quitters everywhere will or have experienced. But before I tell you about this, here’s a disclaimer.

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