I’m Scott Milford, and I’ve decided to quit eating sugar. Why? Because over consumption of sugar (in all it’s many forms) is what appears to be the major contributing factor, if not the direct cause, of the following: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, high cholesterol, liver disease, kidney stones, sleep difficulties, depression, metabolic syndrome, attention deficit disorder, and probably the urge to run naked at sporting events, though I’m not entirely sure about that last one.

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If you would like to follow in my virtual footsteps and check out the mind-blowing data that slapped me in the face and was the cause of my decision to quit eating sugar, you’re going to want read my entry, Why I’m Quitting Sugar, which includes links to the material I listened to or read. But if you’re like me and you could never imagine giving up sugary sweets and especially the variety of chocolaty goodness that makes my life complete, you may want to think twice about walking in my footsteps. Instead, close this blog, go grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or a sugary soft drink and enjoy your sugar rush…enjoy it to death.

However, if you want to reverse your diabetes, lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease, finally drop down to a weight that makes you look and feel fantastic…in other words, become super human, then check out my entry and follow the links in order. In just 1 hour, some of your long-held nutrition beliefs will get cracked wide open. This is, literally, earth-shaking.

Welcome to my world.