An Honest Look At How I’m Currently Eating

An Honest Look At How I’m Currently Eating

In a recent thread on my Quitting Sugar Facebook Page, I was asked a question about how I’m eating and specifically, if I avoid grains. So I decided to post an overview of how I’m eating lately. I’ve love to read your version of how you’re eating as well. I like to observe how other people eat. It gives me ideas, and that’s always great because it keeps things interesting.

When I first quit sugar, I was so strict that if the nutrition panel on a product listed zero carbohydrates but sugar was listed among the ingredients, I wouldn’t buy it. However, I’m always learning more and my knowledge and beliefs are evolving.

While I believe there isn’t one way to eat that’s right for everyone, staying relatively low in carbs is always a good idea. So that’s still my primary focus. Quitting sugar is a good move on all levels and has had a big impact on my life. So I’m going to break down how I typically eat on a daily basis. I’m not going to get super detailed. I mainly want to share an overview. So here’s an honest look at how I’m currently eating.

General Stuff

I don’t exclusively avoid grains, but I mostly try to. I eat bread rarely so when I do, it’s sort of like a treat. I tend to avoid anything made from wheat, oats, etc. I avoid starches like rice and potatoes. I rarely eat any fruit. On most days I stay in the neighborhood of 25 grams of carbohydrate per day. Though I may hit 50 from time to time. Likewise, I may end my day with around 10 grams on some days. I don’t count my carb intake all that closely because my diet is largely a matter of routine so I don’t feel the need to count the same meals again and again.


How I'm Currently Eating - Quitting SugarI recently tried “Bulletproof coffee” for the first time and love it. I’m actually quite addicted to it (not literally, though, just very fond of it). So breakfast, for me lately, is a couple cups of Bulletproof coffee. I’m good for about 5 to 6 hours after having bulletproof coffee, with no hunger and plenty of energy to get things done. Bulletproof coffee doesn’t give me a huge spike in energy, but instead, I feel like I have a constant, even amount of energy for hours.

Also, at breakfast time, I take a dozen or so vitamin supplements. Just so you know, I’m not a vitamin expert and don’t have a ton of links to prove that the supplements I take are the best and have been clinically proven to be helpful. I take them for my own reasons and they help or they don’t. Someday, I’ll dig more deeply into this. For now, it is what it is and I feel better knowing that I’m taking them. So I may not be helpful if you ask questions about them. But if you have suggestions on what supplements are good on a low-carb diet, please leave them in the comments below. That would be awesome.


During work days, I don’t usually get hungry until around 11 AM. So I typically snack on some walnuts or pecans around 10 AM. Lunch is usually some concoction of higher fat, lower carb foods and some smoked almonds. Here are a few examples:

  1. Pulled pork, cheese cubes, and smoked almonds.
  2. Tuna salad (my recipe – very high fat, very low carbs, very delicious), and smoked almonds.
  3. Thick pepperoni slices, cheddar cheese cubes, and almonds.
  4. Low-carb leftover dinner, smoked almonds and sometimes cheese cubes.


Dinner can vary a bit more than breakfast or lunch. Usually, my wife and I prepare an Atkin’s or other low-carb recipes, or we create our own. We also get a lot of recipes from a Dana Carpender low-carb cookbook. On most days, the meals we cook are from low carb recipes. But if a special occasion comes up, we may eat out and have a treat-meal where we eat what we want without counting carbs. Even with that, I usually eat low-carb (with a good amount of fiber) but I might conclude with a dessert (not low-carb).

I’ve tested my blood sugar after having a low-carb meal followed by a dessert and the sugar from the dessert barely registers. When you have a lot of fiber and a good low-carb meal before eating a sugary dessert, it mitigates the effect of the sugar in your body and prevents blood sugar levels from shooting way up. I’ve lost weight on weeks where I’ve eaten out and have had a dessert. But typically I just stay at the same weight.

Snacks & Weekends

How I'm Currently Eating - Quitting SugarI like simple, quick, low-carb snacks. So when I’m feeling a little snacky, I go for smoked almonds, walnuts, or pecans. I love these because they’re easy enough to grab and go if I’m going to be out and about for a while. If I’m looking for a little crunch, I’ll grab some BBQ pork rinds. If I want something chewy, cheese cubes or pepperoni slices fit the bill, and sometimes together, or I’ll grab some bacon. The nice thing about bacon is that you get crunchy and chewy both in one snack. And we keep Atkin’s bars handy if I have a sweet tooth. These are probably my most common selections.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, I stay up late playing online games with friends. So I typically get up later on Saturday and Sunday and skip breakfast, opting instead for brunch. So on Saturday and Sunday, I’ll start off with Bulletproof coffee for brunch, then have dinner later on. And weekend dinners are typically the same as during the week days. However, if I overindulge on anything, it would be pizza every two or three weeks. But there are some crazy weeks where I might have it twice in one week. So it probably averages out to having pizza once a week or so. Also, I might have one Redd’s Apple Ale (alcoholic) on the weekend (usually when I’m gaming). But typically, my gaming time snacks are pork rinds or smoked almonds.

I’m definitely not as strict as when I first started out, but that is a choice based on my personal conclusions drawn from the education I’m constantly receiving regarding food, health, and happiness. How you eat is an evolutionary process. And I believe in having a balance between living life and enjoying yourself, and being healthy enough to do so. Also, I believe in eating the best that you know how based on your present understanding and being willing to change as you learn more. I call this Intelligent Dieting.

So that’s an overview of how I’m eating lately. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions and how you’re eating too. 🙂

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Author: Scott Milford

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