Day 0 – Before Starting the P90X Extreme Fitness Program

Day 0 – Before Starting the P90X Extreme Fitness Program

Quitting sugar was a turning point in my life. And as I continue to learn and explore about health and nutrition as well as conduct my own experiments, my perspective continually shifts. My goal is to understand nutrition and what works best for me. But nutrition is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, which is ultimately my goal. If you want to have a healthy body that will allow you to live a long and active life, you’ll eventually need to add exercise to the mix. That’s why I’ve decided to go extreme by starting the P90X program. Plus, this give me another opportunity to conduct another experiment.

In this video, I’ll show you my basement before we transformed it into our P90X gym. Also, I’ll talk about starting P90X and why I’m using the diet program that comes with P90X, which means taking in more carbs than I presently do. This is going to be an exciting journey. Stay tuned so you can watch my transformation. And check out some of my “Before” pictures below.


Day 0 Pictures

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Author: Scott Milford

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