A Quick Exercise in Building Conviction for Quitting Sugar

A Quick Exercise in Building Conviction for Quitting Sugar

Recently, I posted a quick exercise for developing conviction on the Quitting Sugar Facebook page. I think having conviction is critical for quitting sugar and staying strong enough to resist temptation. In fact, if your conviction is strong enough, temptations and cravings can be greatly reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Yes, I know it seems unlikely that you can eliminate the feeling of temptation, and you’re probably thinking, “Scott just doesn’t understand! I cannot live without [favorite sugary treat]!” Maybe you’re right. But I was in your shoes once. Read my post, “Me: On The Floor In A Blissful Sugary Fog” and see what I mean. I never even entertained the possibility of giving up sugar until fate handed me a powerful wake-up call that changed my life. If I can do this, you can do this too.

Below is a brief exercise that will only take a few minutes. You may want to record yourself reading the steps and play them back or find a partner and take turns reading it to each other so you can focus completely on getting into the right state of mind.

You can do this exercise as often as you need to. Consider making it a weekly ritual just to keep your conviction at full power. After you’ve read this and tried it, I’d love to hear your comments about the exercise. Did you find it useful? Do you think it will help? Are you feeling stronger, more confident and better able to say no to unhealthy foods? Anyway, here is the exercise.

Building Conviction for Quitting Sugar

1.  Sit in a chair with your back straight and your chin slightly elevated. Put your hands comfortably in your lap or rest them on the arms of the chair.

2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, then start breathing smoothly and evenly. Hold within a sense of confidence. Relax, but stay alert.

3. Notice how sitting this way makes you feel confident and strong, more certain and self-assured. Allow yourself to “power-up” and feel yourself getting stronger every second.

4. Imagine that it’s a year from now and you are living the exact healthy lifestyle you used to envy of other more fit people. Imagine yourself eating healthy foods and totally loving it. Imagine yourself getting regular exercise and feeling completely fit, flexible, strong, and healthy. Say confidently aloud or in your head, “I am fit, flexible, strong and healthy.” Imagine how remarkably easy it is to totally avoid temptations…you just don’t eat that way anymore. PERIOD!

5. Keep breathing…as the healthy and fit person that you are, knowing that true health begins on the inside before you see it on the outside. Feel the power you possess to choose a healthy lifestyle. Each positive and healthy choice that you make is a statement of who you are and how you want to live your life. Know that you are now the kind of person that other people envy. Nobody can force you to live the life of an unfit, unhealthy person. You can be strong and inspire others to become healthy. Feel this truth. You have the strength and conviction to say NO to unhealthy food and say YES to life. You can feel this strength well up inside yourself every time you see someone else eating something unhealthy…it triggers the power to easily resist unhealthy foods. Inside, you are saying, “NO!” and on the outside, you never flinch. Understand that nobody can make you eat unhealthy foods if you do not want them and refuse to choose them. You, as a fit, flexible, strong and healthy person, never dwell on the opposite of who you are, such as entertaining the idea of eating unhealthy foods.

Now open your eyes. Do you feel your personal power to choose to live your life as the person you want to become? You can do this right at this very moment. And when temptations come your way, you won’t give in because you simply don’t eat that way.

This is conviction; the power to choose health and fitness over sickness and decay.

Now carry this conviction with you, tap into it daily to keep yourself strong. And live your life as the healthy person you want to become. That person already exists inside you.

At the start and end of every day, as well as before every meal or snack (and throughout the day), repeat the following mantra, “I am fit, flexible, strong and healthy.” Now go BE that person.


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Author: Scott Milford

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