Quitting Sugar – Two Month Review

Quitting Sugar – Two Month Review

It’s been two months since quitting sugar. In this video, I talk about my weight loss and I talk about my struggle to find the balance between convenience and eating healthy. If you prefer to read the text, keep reading for a summary.

Two Months And Going Strong

Today my wife and I hit the two-month mark since quitting sugar and we haven’t slowed down a bit. I’ve lost about 16 pounds and my wife has lost about 14 pounds. By now, the way that we’re eating is becoming just a part of our daily routine. It still takes plenty of planning ahead and it seems like we’re always chopping vegetables or prepping something. Still, we’re settling into a decent rhythm.

Gimmie a Break!

Okay…so now that life without sugar is stable for us, we don’t have to obsessively think about every bite or meal. Because of this, we’ve begun to turn our attention to convenience. Some days, we just don’t feel like making a big deal over a meal. Sometimes I just wish I had a sandwich, but we don’t eat things made with wheat flour anymore. So we’re beginning to look for shortcuts and conveniences without also adding sugar or too many carbs. Over the next month, we’re going to be looking for ways to make eating without sugar more convenient. We’re especially interested in finding the best bread recipe that doesn’t use wheat flour but makes a loaf of bread that’s closest to the real thing.

If you have any tips or links to help us with this quest, I’d love learn from your knowledge and wisdom.

I Applaud You

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Also, I want to thanks everyone who takes the time to comment here and give a special shout-out to the Quitting Sugar Facebook community for their love and support….and great tips and links!

PS  You’d be surprised what unusual recipe I’ve created using pork rinds. Seriously, this one sounds like it would be aweful but it is surprisingly delicious….and it’s super easy.  Subscribe to my email list…to get this recpie. 🙂


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Author: Scott Milford

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