Thanksgiving Aftermath

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Okay, how about a moment of truth here? How did you all do on Thanksgiving day? Did you over eat? Did you give in and eat sumptuous desserts even though you vowed that you wouldn’t? Did you eat dinner with strong resolve and with no intention of eating sugary things, only to cave in from the pressure of not-very-nice relatives who made you feel guilty? It’s okay. The road is a long one and we’re all bound to hit some bumps now and then.

In case you’re wondering how I did on Thanksgiving and if I managed to avoid sugar, I guess it’s only fair to be honest here, even if the truth hurts….

The Whole Truth

We had dinner at my mother-in-law’s house, and Thanksgiving dinner was a big success…everybody loved it. My wife and I ate low carb and had plenty to eat. As for dessert? Nada! Not only did I not eat any starchy foods, I avoided most heavily process foods as well. Did I avoid sugar? Absolutely! My Grandmother-in-law did toss a verbal softball my way (“I was going to make somebody their favorite…Carrot Cake…”), I caught it gently (“I admit, your carrot cake is hard to resist…I just love your carrot cake, Grandma, but since heart disease runs in my family and I’ve had chronically high cholesterol, it’s best for my health if I don’t eat sugar. And since I’m not good at eating just a little sugar, I think it’s best I avoid it altogether.”), and she was okay with that.

Oddly, nobody had dessert after Thanksgiving dinner, which has never happened before at any meal on my wife’s side of the family…at least that I know of. Dessert just seems to go with living in the south.

Two Down

To underscore just how successful the week of Thanksgiving has been for me, I’d like to also say that not only did I avoid eating sugar, I also lost two pounds. You don’t normally hear “Thanksgiving” and “lost two pounds” in the same sentence. But I’ll even take it one step further by adding this handy bulleted list:

Facts About Me Eating Low-Carb

  • I don’t count carbs.
  • I never go hungry.
  • I’m losing weight (without trying).
  • I use Splenda (for now).
So, in the Thanksgiving aftermath, I got even healthier. How about you? How did you do on Thanksgiving? Did you have dessert or choose to skip it?
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Author: Scott Milford

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