Quitting Sugar – One Month Review

Quitting Sugar – One Month Review

It’s been one month since quitting sugar. In this video, I talk about my weight loss and what the biggest surprise has been about quitting sugar, also the biggest challenge. If you prefer to read the text, keep reading for a summary.

It’s Been One Month… Hooray!

Today is the official one-month anniversary since my wife and I quit eating sugar. We’ve both lost about 11 pounds. I’m feeling good and very happy to have adopted this diet as my healthy lifestyle. But there’s definitely a lot more to learn and more ways to tweak my diet. But I’m content to take it slowly and continue to make changes as I feel ready to make them.

Biggest Surprise; Biggest Challenge

The biggest surprise is that it’s been really easy to resist eating sugar. I haven’t had any sugar cravings, therefore, no weak moments or struggling to resist the abundantly available drug known as sugar. I go into this more in the video, but this has been really surprising to me.

The biggest challenge has been how much work is involved in eating a diet without sugar. We’re avoiding as much pre-packaged foods as possible. That means preparing almost everything fresh for each meal. So my wife and I are constantly chopping veggies, mixing ingredients and washing dishes(!). And though some people might crumble a this idea alone, we’re not going to fold simply because there’s more work involved. Why? Because our attitude is that we don’t have any other options. Putting it simply, this is the way we eat. Period. So there’s no point in even entertaining the idea of nuking something in the microwave and freeing our time to mindlessly surf the Internet for an extra couple of hours per day. Anyway, you can hear more about this in the video.

The Low-Carb, Quitting Sugar Community

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, I want to pass on my sincerest appreciation for all the love and support I’ve received in the comments and via email, as well as on the Quitting Sugar Facebook page. This is such a supportive community. And there really is a great sense of solidarity and friendship. I’m humbled and very grateful. Thank you.

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Author: Scott Milford

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