Me: On The Floor In A Blissful Sugary Fog?

Me: On The Floor In A Blissful Sugary Fog?

I have a love for chocolate, specifically, and sweets, generally, that has always been a problem when I start any new diet. Sugar is my cocaine, the bane of my existence, my reaper. If any good is to come of banishing sugar, then I’m going to have to fight for it!

Sweets, ultimately, have been my downfall, time and again. Therefore, it’s with ample past experience I decided that in order for me to be successful, I wasn’t going to restrict sweets, but eliminate them completely, hence, quitting sugar. Moderation wasn’t going to work for me. I’ve been crushed by Cane, the mythical sugar giant from Carbohydrate Isle, far too many times. But I’m stronger now. I’m experienced…defiant.

That said, I will experiment in the future to see if I can get away with having a slice of cake on my birthday, for example. Will it throw me into a sugary stupor where I’ll lose myself for days on end, in a carbohydrate fog of bliss, sprawled out on my kitchen floor, chocolate powder everywhere, especially about my nose and mouth? Nay, I do not know. It’s risky business, indeed. But for now, I must be very strict with myself until I’ve built up enough strength to resist overdoing the drug known as sugar.

Because I’m being so strict with myself, I’ve overcome the physiological urge to seek out sugar in its many splendid forms. And because of the support I’ve found in various books, videos, podcasts, and blogs (which I’ll talk about in a future entry), I’ve launched into this lifestyle change of quitting sugar with a strong and unwavering resolve to eat healthy foods and feel better, fitter, stronger and vital again. Therefore, I’ve also overcome the psychological component of a diet change. As of now, I have had absolutely zero cravings for carbohydrate in any forms, be they blessed or damned…and often both.

Here, here…I say to thee, are you strong enough to poke your sugar giant in the eye? Me thinks so. But what say ye?

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Author: Scott Milford

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