After Quitting Sugar – Two Week Review

After Quitting Sugar – Two Week Review

It’s been two full weeks since I officially gave up sugar. The results, so far, are very encouraging. And I couldn’t be more excited. Before I share my weigh-in results, I’ll give you a play-by-play of how the past two weeks went. Below is a collection of comments I made on the Quitting Sugar Facebook page, which you totally should so be a fan of. I need some friends and support there so let’s circulate. 🙂


Week 1

Day 1: October 24

Well, today was Day 1….first day without sugar. It was easy…but will it get harder? I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Day 3: October 26

I’ve been feeling very sluggish…moving in slow motion. And I had a headache yesterday. I’m not sure if the sluggishness is from sugar withdrawals or lack of sleep. I’ve been getting to bed too late and I’m sure that’s not helping any.

However, I have not been craving sweets, and I’ve found that I’m not as hungry as often.

Overall, things are going well and are on track. 🙂

Day 4: October 27

Today…very sluggish… occasional random sweats, and a slight headache. But I don’t care if I can’t move tomorrow. I’m sticking with it!! Once I get past the sugar withdrawal, I’ll probably feel like a million bucks.

Day 5: October 28

Success! Today I felt good all day. I wasn’t sluggish or drowsy. I didn’t have a headache and never ran out of energy. My mood was even slightly elevated, but that could be the effect of having more energy. 🙂

Day 6: October 29

Okay…so for two days in a row, I’ve had plenty of energy.

I woke up and cooked myself a breakfast. I NEVER do that because it’s dangerous for me to cook when I’m only half awake. 🙂 But today, I was on a mission. I felt good, was wide awake, and actually felt like having a hot meal…I mean, one actually cooked on the stove and not nuked.

Worked a half day at my job, and read during my breaks because I wasn’t half falling asleep for a change.

I could get used to this. 😉

Week 2

I didn’t do any Facebook updates during the second week. Mainly because things had leveled off, but not in a bad way. I’ve been waking up and cooking myself breakfast every morning. My head isn’t foggy and I’m not slow to start. I’ve been having good energy levels all day long while at work. My mood has been brighter than normal and I feel a bit more optimistic about everything. My knees still hurt a little, but I don’t think I’m waking up with a lot of inflammation as I normally do.

I noticed that I didn’t need to snooze during my breaks at work, which was definitely a plus. Also I haven’t been hungry when my first break rolled around. On a typical morning (pre quitting sugar), I would have a bowl of “healthy” cereal for breakfast and would be hungry about 30 to 60 minutes before the first break of the day. After quitting sugar, I noticed that I wasn’t getting hungry until  second  break, sometimes not even until lunch.


  • 10/24/11  Weight158.4 lbs.   Body Fat:  23.8   (Day 1)
  • 10/31/11  Weight153.6 lbs.   (Difference -4.8 lbs.)   Body Fat:  24.6   (Difference:  +.8)
  • 11/07/11  Weight:  151 lbs.   (Difference –2.6 lbs.)   Body Fat:  22.9   (Difference:  1.7)

Okay, so obviously, the weight loss was terrific. The body fat went up slightly. But I understand that this is typical. Plus, things like hydration, time of day, and the name of your pet iguana can influence your body fat reading. So I don’t really care about the gain. I’m more interested in long-term results.

Actually, I don’t really even  care so much about the weight loss either. I’ve changed my diet for health reasons…I want to feel healthier. The weight loss/fat loss is really a side benefit, which I enjoy, but isn’t primary. Still, they make up my overall number, including things like cholesterol. So I’ll continue to track it.

So, I’m heading into week three feeling great and rolling up my sleeves for more.

Take care, y’all! 🙂

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Author: Scott Milford

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