Update: Got My Blood Work Done

Update: Got My Blood Work Done

This morning, I was actually excited to get up and get my day going. I’ve been looking forward to this day all week. I had an appointment to get my blood drawn and have comprehensive tests done to check all the main health indicators which will establish a baseline for my overall current state of health. I requested these tests so I can track the improvements (as measured by blood and urine tests) after I’m sugar free for a while.

When I saw my doctor about going off my cholesterol medicine, I requested a comprehensive blood workup. He was pleased with my plans to quit eating sugar and things that contain much of it. He gave me a lab slip that tells what tests were going to be done and asked that I hand it to the lab technician when I got my blood drawn. I don’t know what all the items on my lab order slip mean, but here’s the list (as far as I am able to read them):

Lab Order for Blood Work

  • CBC
  • Chem 12
  • Lipid LDL
  • Tsit
  • Liver acid
  • CRP Ultra

There is an additional test that I’m having done that isn’t on the list. I called my doctor and requested to have my LDL particle size measured. I don’t know how that would be noted on my lab order if it were listed, but I’ll be getting those results too.

The reason I called to have that test added is because if you have high LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and the size of the LDL particles are small, that means trouble. On the other hand, if LDL particle sizes are what is known as the “big and fluffy” kind, you won’t be in danger of having a heart attach and there’s no threat from having high LDL cholesterol. This is what I’ve come to understand, but you’ll have to check into this yourself…don’t take my word on it.

They ended up taking about 6 to 8 viles of blood and they also needed a urine sample. I should be getting the lab results sometime next week. My wife, Tammy, still needs to get her blood work done, which will probably be sometime next week. Then, we’re officially starting our Quitting Sugar journey. So I guess you could say that right now, we’re preparing our maps and getting our gear lined up for the trip. But it’s coming soon and I’m excited about it.

What’s Next?

  • Getting my blood work results from the lab.
  • I’m checking into getting my body composition measured.
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Author: Scott Milford

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